美国克莱姆森大学FAN Lab实验室招聘多名全奖博士和博士后

Multiple Open Positions:Postdoc, PhD Students, Undergrad/MS Research Assistants/Interns

Laboratory introduction
FAN Lab: inFrastructure, AI and urban Nexus
The mission of the FAN Lab (https://fanchaolab.com/), directed by Dr. Chao Fan in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at Clemson University, is to create new knowledge and methods in integrated intelligence to derive transformative solutions for global challenges at the nexus of human, infrastructure and natural environment under ever-changing climate conditions, towards sustainability, resiliency, equity and livability. We have a fundamental and highly interdisciplinary research agenda, which falls into three focus areas: (1) Changing Climate & AI; (2) New Technologies and the Environment; and (3) Connected Infrastructure and Human Dynamics. Equipped with ample computing and data resources, broad collaborations, and a free working environment, the FAN Lab always values the passion for impactful work. Every Year we seek for technically strong and self-motivated researchers to join us on our mission.


Tutor introduction
Dr. Chao Fan is a new Assistant Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at Clemson University. He received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. His research focuses on urban nexus computing, seeking to develop transformative solutions for urban sustainability, resilience, equity, and livability. He has proposed "Integrated Intelligence" as a research paradigm that uses big data and artificial intelligence to propose solutions to global urban challenges, including climate change, infrastructure systems, and human dynamics. His team's work has been featured in more than 20 international news outlets, including ASCE Civil Engineering Magazine and Science Daily. He also serves as a reviewer for 35 peer-reviewed journals and as a program committee member for 11 multidisciplinary conferences.

范超博士是克莱姆森大学土木及环境工程与地球科学学院的新任助理教授。他在德克萨斯 A&M 大学土木工程专业获得了博士学位。他的研究重点是城市关系 (urban nexus) 计算,寻求为城市可持续性、韧性、公平和宜居性开发变革性解决方案。他提出“集成智能 (Integrated Intelligence)”作为研究范式,利用大数据和人工智能对城市的全球挑战,包括气候变化、基础设施系统和人类动态等提出解决方案。他的团队成果曾被ASCE土木工程杂志、科学日报等20多家国际新闻媒体报道。他还担任 35 种同行评审期刊的审稿人和 11 个多学科会议的程序委员会成员。

School introduction
Clemson University is a top-tier public research university located in Clemson, South Carolina, and is one of the top twenty public universities in the United States. Clemson University was founded in 1889 and is committed to being the top public university in the United States. Its ranking among public universities has climbed in recent years, from 34 to 30, to 22, and now it is among the top 20 public universities. The university is ranked 75th in the nation in the 2022 US News Best Colleges in America, and is located in a safe and beautiful environment close to major cities such as Atlanta and Charlotte.

美国克莱姆森大学 (Clemson University) 是一所顶级公立研究型大学,位于美国南卡罗来纳州克莱姆森市,是美国二十所顶尖的公立大学之一。克莱姆森大学成立于1889年,并致力于成为美国顶尖的公立大学。其在公立大学中的排名近年来不断攀升,从34到30,再到22,如今已跻身公立大学20强。学校位列2022 US News美国最佳大学排名全美第75名,学校十分安全环境优美,紧临亚特兰大、夏洛特等大城市。

Postdoctoral Researcher

Postdoctoral researcher position is available in the FAN Lab. Qualified candidates must hold a Ph.D. in Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science, or other related fields. Candidates with strong interest in asking bold and new questions in our focus areas, prior experiences of analytics and modeling on large-scale data, and passion for impactful work and high-quality publications are especially encouraged to apply. The initial term of the position is one year with the possibility for renewal. The start date is immediate but flexible.

If you are interested, please send (1) your CV with a complete list of publications; (2) One-page Research Statement (your interests, career goals and potential contributions to the lab), (3) a copy of your most representative paper to fanlab.recruiting@gmail.com.

FAN Lab-范超实验室有博士后研究员的职位。申请者必须拥有工程、统计、计算机科学或其他相关领域的博士学位。我们特别鼓励对在我们的重点领域提出大胆和新的问题有强烈兴趣的申请者、有在大规模数据上进行分析和建模的经验以及对有影响力的工作和高质量的出版物有热情的人申请职位。该职位的初始任期为一年,并有可能续约。开始日期是即时的,但很灵活。

如果你有兴趣,请将(1)你的简历和完整的出版物清单;(2)一页的研究声明(你的兴趣,职业目标和对实验室的潜在贡献);(3)你最具代表性的论文,以上内容发送到 fanlab.recruiting@gmail.com。

PhD Students

We always seek for PhD students who have strong interest and expertise in our focus areas to join the FAN Lab every year. The PhD students will be fully funded by our graduate research and/or teaching assistantships. Successful candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field (no restrictions). The start date is flexible but preferred to be as early as possible.

我们每年长期寻找对我们的重点领域有强烈兴趣和专长的博士生加入FAN Lab-范超实验室。博士生将由我们的研究生研究和/或助研金全额资助。申请者必须拥有相关领域的学士学位(不限)。开始日期是灵活的,但越早越好。

Undergrad/MS Research Assistants / Interns

(remote and on-site collaborations 远程和现场合作)
We have part-time/intern student openings for master and undergraduate students in any related majors including Engineering and Science. These positions will be funded by our research assistantships.

If you are interested in any of the above student positions, please send (1) your CV and (2) your transcripts to fanlab.recruiting@gmail.com. For PhD applicants, please also apply to the graduate program at Clemson University. Please mention my name in your Personal Statement and the application system, and feel free to keep me informed of your application.

如果您对上述任何学生职位感兴趣,请将 (1) 您的简历和 (2) 您的成绩单发送至 fanlab.recruiting@gmail.com。对于博士申请者,请同时申请克莱姆森大学的研究生课程。请在你的个人陈述和申请系统中提及我的名字,并随时通知我你的申请。