Mahmoud Mabrouk Ibrahim



2017年-2020年:khatib&a lamia 国际公司,城市规划师


基于水产养殖行业为沙漠社区设计可持续发展模式,开罗大学, 城市研究杂志 (JUR)

Admission Date: september,2020
Admission program: PHD, 4 years

 I am a PHD student in school of civil engineering and architecture, Zhejiang University, Chinese Government Scholarship program. I always had an interest and passion for urban planning .I hold a bachelor's degree in urban planning from faculty of urban and Regional planning “Cairo University –Egypt, in July 2013, with a GPA of 3.1 out of 4.00, I was up to the mark and honored in the top 4’s list of 250 students in my undergraduate class and the first of my department . I finished from graduation project under titles (Re planning brown field in urban agglomeration Applying to Bah teem area, Cairo metropolitan city) with (Excellent grade), ranked second on class. I have passed all entrance tests conducted by the academic institution of my education. 
I was hired as a demonstrator at the department of urban planning at )FURP( from 2014-2017. Therefore, Pre-Master studies (one years) including: environmental planning – urban studies – town planning – urban economics – social sustainability) ,I decided to proceed and enhance my education by obtaining a master's degree in urban planning which was On Designing an Urban Sustainable Model for Desert Communities Based on Aquaculture Industry from faculty of urban and Regional planning, Cairo University 2017). Thus, I obtained career as a teaching assistant in Cairo university.

Demonstrator, Teaching assistant at faculty of urban and regional planning, Cairo university from (2014 to 2020) 
- Urban planner at khatib &a lamia international company from (2017 to 2020), Their projects concern about subdivision projects (grand land projects in KSA, Emirate). 
- urban planner at Genesis company from (2014 to 2017), Their projects concern about urban design (universities designs -housing projects in Egypt -KSA).

My professional life began teaching a diversity of distinct planning subjects such as: detailed planning, housing, urban systems, town 
planning, environmental planning and environmental management. Moreover, moreover, I supervised many Urban planning graduation projects such Strategic Planning and detailed planning of New Valley and cities Governorate in Egypt , depend on Developing a land suitability analysis and identifying key planning decisions based on the analysis. Achieving harmony and integration with the natural environment and reaching the highest possible efficiency. Developing environmental planning guidelines to be functional for the developer with regard to built-up areas, densities, urban form and building heights.

• Designing an Urban Sustainable Model for Desert Communities Based on Aquaculture Industry, Cairo university, Journal of Urban Research (JUR)