Haifeng Xu


       安徽建筑大学环境与能源工程学院资源环境与城乡规划管理专业本科毕业,浙江大学公共管理学院土地资源管理硕士毕业,籍贯安徽合肥。在校期间曾获浙江大学优秀研究生干部、优秀研究生、优秀团员、校优秀毕业生等称号。在校期间发表会议论文《Curbing Urban Sprawl?-----The Evolvement and Influences of the Greenbelt policy in Seoul》;参与“中国城市增长边界研究”项目,完成城市边界矢量化工作;参与杭州2040城市规划子课题“杭州市城市增长边界划定研究”的研究等科研工作。研究生毕业论文为《绿带政策的形成、演变与实施成效研究:以首尔都市圈绿带为例》。
       Haifeng Xu graduated from School of Environmental and Energy Engineering, Anhui Jianzhu University with a bachelor's degree in resource environment and urban and rural planning management, and graduated from College of Public Management, Zhejiang university with a master's degree in land resource management. At school, he was awarded the title of excellent postgraduate cadre, excellent postgraduate, excellent league member and excellent graduate of Zhejiang university. He published a conference paper “The Curbing Urban Sprawl?——The Evolvement and Influences of The Greenbelt policy in Seoul ". Xu articipated in the "research on urban growth boundary of China" project, and completed the vectorization of urban boundary of other cities; Xu articipated in Hangzhou 2040 Urban Planning sub-project "Hangzhou city growth boundary demarcation research" and other works. His graduate thesis is "A Study on the Formation, Evolution and Implementation Effect of Green Belt Policy: A Case Study of Green Belt in Seoul Metropolitan Area".
     During the school period, Xu worked as an intern in the Credit Granting Department of Zhejiang branch of China Construction Bank, mainly engaged in the loan risk assessment of medium-sized and above enterprises, and provided risk warning for the loan issuance of other departments of the bank through the evaluation and rating of the enterprises to be applied for loans. After graduation, Xu worked in Binjiang branch of Hangzhou Land and Resources Bureau in July 2016, mainly engaged in land law enforcement supervision, geological disaster prevention and other work. In 2018, he was awarded the honorary title of "advanced individual" by the bureau.