Kun Wei



    Wei graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law with a bachelor's degree in Engineering management at School of Finance. Wei graduated from Zhejiang university with a master's degree in Land Resource Management at the School of Public Affairs. During Wei’s undergraduate study, she was awarded national scholarship and outstanding student cadre. During her master's study, she was awarded the title of outstanding graduate student of Zhejiang university.
    Since July 2014, Wei have worked in the Investment Operation Department and Industrial Development Department of China Resources Land in Shenzhen. During her work in the investment operation department, she took part in the coordination of the business plan preparation and performance assessment , and took charge of the planning management and budget review of  headquarters building in Shenzhen bay and the Qianhai center project . During her work in the industrial development department, she was mainly responsible for building the product line of healthy town and rural complex projects, and connected with no less than 50 leading enterprises, research institutes and industry associations related to the big health industry, scientific innovation industry and agriculture. During the work, Wei won the 2014 best new talent award of the company, and was awarded as the internal lean management trainer and internal course training teacher of China Resources Land.
       In May 2017, Wei went to Wutong mountain in Shenzhen to attend the Pumen sustainable design certification course and obtained the completion certificate.
       From May 2017 to April 2018, Wei participated in Hejun Business School and became the 10th student.