Salma Antar A.Korin

埃及裔美国人。2014年本科毕业于埃及明亚工程技术高等学院(El Minia High Institute for Engineering and Technology),毕业课题为明亚市奥林匹克村的规划设计。2017年,在明亚工程技术高等学院获得硕士学位,硕士论文题目为对于上埃及各省首都的城市中心发展分析。目前在明亚工程技术高等学院担任担任助理讲师。

Analytical Study for the Development of City Centers of Governorate Capitals—The Case of El Minya City, Egypt. 2017, 1(37).

NAME: Salma Antar A. Korin
UNIVERSITY: Zhejiang university, Hangzhou, China
ADMISSION DATE: September 2019
Academic work experience
Lecturer Assistant
Minya High Institute for Engineering and Technology – Minya, Egypt
Minya High Institute for Engineering and Technology – Minya, Egypt
Education and training
Masters Degree, 2017
Faculty of Engineering – Minya University
▪      Field : Urban Planning
▪      Thesis Title: Analytical Study for the Development of City Centres of the Upper Egypt Governorate Capitals (case study: Upper Egypt Region) 
▪      Publications: Analytical study for the development of city centers of governorate capitals (the case of El Minya city, Egypt),Number: 1, vol: 37, 2017
Bachelors Degree, 2014
Minya High Institute for Engineering and Technology – Minya, Egypt
▪      Field: Architecture
▪      Cumulative Degree: Excellent with an honour's degree
▪      GPA: 3.80/4.00
▪      Graduation Project : planning and Designing an Olympic village in El-Minya city 
Having a great passion in architecture especially in the field of Urban Development and town Planning was my main motivator to continue my studies, for it deals with the social and economic and urban factors which I believe touches the daily needs of people and gives practical and rational vision of life development taking all factors into consideration. Therefore, I obtained a master’s Degree in this field (2017) that dealt with the strategies used to overcome the main issues and problems in the heart of the cities (Downtown areas) of developing countries and greatly involved with landscaping architecture of downtown areas and recreational areas within it. I have also gained a lot of experience in this field by teaching other undergraduate students various courses in urban design in both levels of town and regional planning as a demonstrator and then as an assistant lecturer, not to mention that I got to participate in a redevelopment project and survey of an important part in El-Minya city known for its important commercial and economic role to the whole city.
Being here in this exceptional university enthuses me to exchange knowledge and learn the different implementations of urban planning in more developed countries. Therefore, I am now pursuing a PHD program that can provide me with the best resources, and educational tools available to become fully absorbed in this new planning community.