Sarah Nasrallah


黎巴嫩人。本科和硕士均毕业于黎巴嫩大学美术与建筑学院,在此期间,参与了非政府组织MWNF (Museum with No Frontiers)对于公元1800—1900年间黎巴嫩建成遗产的调研工作;同时还参与过黎巴嫩大学和西班牙加泰罗尼亚理工大学共同主办的国际联合课程及工作坊,提出了巴塞罗那城堡公园(Parc de la Ciutadella)的改进方案。2018年继续在黎巴嫩大学美术与建筑学院攻读研究硕士(Masters of Research,介于硕士和博士之间,是博士阶段学习的准备阶段),在建筑、景观和国土科学方面开展研究,研究的主题是以Higher Shouf地区为案例的黎巴嫩生态旅游。
2019年在“寻求改变的建筑师”(Architects For Change, AFC)组织工作六个月,参与了研究、测绘和志愿者工作。期间参与NAHNOO(黎巴嫩一个推动改进地方治理、公共空间和文化遗产的非政府组织)在黎巴嫩四个地区(Medawar, Rmeil, Achrafieh and Saife)的建成遗产保护工作。还曾作为建筑规划顾问,有机会参与Elysium Organization(一个黎巴嫩的致力于推动可持续居住技的非政府组织)在Tannourine地区的修复工作。

PhD Candidate in Architecture 
(Including Urban and Rural Planning)
Admission time: September 2019
Estimated graduation time: July 2023

I am a 26 year old Lebanese PhD Candidate in Architecture (including Urban and Rural Planning) at the college of Civil Engineering and Architecture | Institute of Urban and Rural Planning Theories and Technologies at Zhejiang University.
I majored in Architecture and got my bachelor and master’s degrees, in 2014 and 2017 respectively, from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, branch II. During this period I was involved in co-curricular research activities, such as volunteering for the investigation on the Lebanese Built Heritage between the years 1800 and 1900 for MWNF (museum with no frontiers), after a call from my university. I also participated to a multinational training course and workshop suggesting a proposal for an urban recreation of the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona, held in collaboration with the Lebanese University and ETSAB (Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona) España.
In 2018 I got my masters of research in Architecture, Landscapes and Territorial Sciences from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, the Deanery. My research was focused on Ecotourism in Lebanon, with a case study on the Higher Shouf Region.
In 2019 I joined Architects For Change (AFC) organisation for 6 months, and as a member I was able to get calls for research, volunteering and mapping works. I worked with NAHNOO organisation, on the conservation of the built heritage in four main urban areas in Lebanon: Medawar, Rmeil, Achrafieh and Saife.
Having a research focus on Ecotourism, I had the opportunity to work as a consultant on the architectural planning part of the project proposal of the reforestation of Tannourine, with Elysium, a Lebanese NGO whose purpose is to promote sustainable living techniques, from environment conservation efforts to establishing replicable methods for sustainable human development.
Now, as a PhD candidate at Zhejiang University and as a nature and heritage lover my research in China will focus on Ecotourism in Urban and Rural Territories. I am particularly interested in exploring the question of Implementing Ecotourism in the Public Policies and Strategic Planning of Urban and Rural areas as a “Tool” for Regional and Sustainable Development.